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The BIOMEX® saddle technology is optionally available for all our common saddle models. 

Working with the “Biomex” technology deve-lopment center in Klinik Gut, the Swiss Leading Hospital for Orthopaedics, Accident Care and Sports in St. Moritz, and also with professional riders, the STÜBBEN Company has developed a unique saddle seat design. The Biomex seat allows the rider to sit and ride in a manner that is healthy and uniquely relieves strain on the back.

Back pains are civilization's number one ailment.

About 80-90 % of people in Western industrial nations have suffered back pains at least once in their lives. Riders sometimes complain about back pains, approximately 23.8 % actually have back pains while riding and 55.2 % after riding.There are various reasons for back pains. When riding, back pain can come from the in-creased axial load on the back during the various gaits and from incorrect posture. It may be possible to prevent incorrect posture with this new saddle seat technology.

The Spinal Column and Equestrian Sport

The Spinal Column and Equestrian Sport
The spinal column plays an important role in the interaction between the rider and the horse. Just sitting on the horse and of course, riding in the various gaits, puts a strain on the entire spinal column and all the muscles and ligaments. The spinal column, linked by means of the connection muscles to the pelvis, legs, shoulder girdle and neck, can be thrown into a three-dimensional movement and this requires constant co-ordinated movement control by the rider.The riding aids, with the necessary pelvic movements, leg pressure, the rapid reaction to the horse’s movements and the rider’s sitting posture demand a constant, active-dynamic use of the muscles. With good technique and a correct sitting po-sture, riding can by all means be classified as an exercise that is beneficial for the spinal column. In particular, and as a matter of course, riding is recommended for certain medical conditions.The correct riding posture when learned corresponds to the natural upright sitting po-sture. In addition, the rhythmic movement of the horse produces the alternating pressure impact necessary for nourishing the invertebral discs.A perfect ergonomic construction of the saddle is a precondition for healthy and relaxed riding.

Anatomy and the Saddle

When sitting on the horse and even more so when riding, the force exerted on the spinal column flows mainly through the ischial bones. The average spacing between the ischial bones is 9-11 cm in men and 10-12 cm in women. The ischial bone joins the pubic bone further to the front and accordingly forms the minor pelvic girdle. The soft tissue between the ischial bones and the pubic bone is extremely sensitive to pressure and this can cause pain. The Stübben Biomex technology allows for the anatomical distance between the two ischial bones by means of two kidney-shaped pads, separated from each other, on the saddle seat area at the level of the ischial bones. The optimization of the flow of force relieves the spinal column. This means that impacts are absorbed and cushioned, which prevents the pain caused by excessive or incorrect stress. The depression between the kidney-shaped pads also plays a crucial role because it allows the highest possible pressure relief for the sensitive soft tissue in the perineal region.

Pressure Measurement

In comparisons with conventionally made saddles, pressure measurements taken in the various gaits show that with Stübben-Biomex technology integrated in the saddle, much greater relief is provided in the area of the pubic bone and the surrounding soft tissue. The even distribution of pressure on the ischium reduces the effects of force on the spinal column.

Result of the Pressure Measurement

The position of the black ellipse marks the position of the soft tissue between the ischial bones. Compared with saddle A, when saddle B (Biomex) was used, the pressure on the sensitive soft tissue between the ischial bones (perineum) could be reduced in all gaits to a level below the pressure measurement system’s minimum range. In spite of a smaller total contact surface in saddle B, the pressure peaks on the ischial bones could be reduced in all gaits.

This innovative saddle seat concept (saddle B - Biomex), developed by Klinik Gut in co-opera-tion with Stübben, offers a convincing technical improvement to relieve the back and the soft tissue and allows an optimized sitting posture for the rider. This in turn can make riding healthier and more pleasant.

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